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Born Alex McCully in Los Angeles, California to Detroit, Michigan bred parents, Alex is the fourth of five children. After moving around various cities in Los Angeles, her parents, two sisters, and one brother settled in the Antelope Valley. Alex moved to Atlanta in 2012 in pursuit to be a broadcaster.  Interning for Nancy Grace at CNN and being able to work and interview various celebrities such as Tasha Smith, Lance Gross, Benzino, Marc Lamont Hill, to Judge Hatchett. She felt as if she had found her true calling, being an entertainment reporter.

With no plans of being an entrepreneur, Alex became heavily involved in the travel community at a young age which lit a fuse in her years later to become a free spirit.After leaving her family &  home in Los Angeles California, Alex attended Georgia State University where there she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication with a minor in Theater.

After graduating in 2017, Alex was still searching for her purpose after her career in broadcasting surely did not pay the bills and left her empty at times and mentally drained.

After traveling abroad and domestically, Alex was confronted with a repetitive question that changed the trajectory of her living in Atlanta, Ga. “ What is there to do in the city of ATL? With not knowing any of the cities history, iconic figures, the legendary events that occured to even Atlanta’s new scene, she began to explore. Then one day in 2019, Hop’N Go Tours was crafted. Originally being called The On & Hop’N Tour, the name was changed after heavy debate with her mentor about being diverse and not secluded to one demographic. So after the name change, Hop’N Go Tours became an all-inclusive experience that bridged old school Atlanta with the new emerging scene. But with no money to start a business, Alex began hosting tours out of her own vehicle. With a growing need for personal tours, Alex found her niche in the travel space.

But with that, March 2020 came and Covid brewed its ugly head, and it quickly spread over the world which put the business on hold. Although Covid put a halt too much of the production, the beauty of the pandemic came when she gained more insight into the business side and the city’s historical aspect.

What became unique about Hop’N Go Tours was the customers who patronized the business and the many creative experiences that were created because of every guest. Infusing street art, celebrity attractions, local eateries, and other social media obsessions together became an immediate hit for travelers. After a customer’s review video went viral on TikTok, Hop’N Go Tours became a hit in the travel space and everyone wanted a tour. Which meant hosting tours out of her vehicle could not happen anymore. Fast-forward to 2022, Alex purchased her own tour bus and is now creating experiences for everyone around the world to enjoy.

“ We not only hope to build a brand in the city of Atlanta but branch off to other areas where we can teach various communities about setting goals, achieving dreams, building success, and loving the work that builds a better community through travel and partnerships around the world. We strive to be the premier touring agency that hosts unique experiences for everyone to enjoy. And that right there is the American dream to me”. 


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