To say traveling to a new city is as easy as 1,2,3 is a complete lie told from the people that make it look good on social media. We all know it takes a combination of multiple research efforts to find the exact excursion, fun, best restaurant, dope hang out spots, that will get you noticed by the baller we are all in search of (wink, wink)  takes time. Even searching on tik tok, Instagram, and facebook have become a task that is often times overwhelming and annoying. IT’S JUST TOO MUCH!! You don’t know what is safe, are you in the hood (especially Atlanta’s hood)?, will I get carjacked while running out of my car just to take a photo of that amazing place I seen on IG or will it be in the budget of my travel expenses.  Safe to say it’s a lot to think about when traveling to new place.


But being here in Atlanta, it becomes way overwhelming when you understand where the real history begins. From being the birthplace of the civil rights movement, the “white throne era”, the home of the 1996 Centennial Olympic games, The housewives era, the social media obsessions, the food culture, celebrity attractions, super unique art district, retail district, the local small business aspect and more. You want to be apart of it all. But because it will definitely take more time than your 3 day weekend, Hop’N Go Tours has created small tours that combine each aspect of Atlanta’s dopest features together for all inclusive experience.

So let’s get into the top 5 reasons why securing your sightseeing tour in Atlanta with Hop’N Go Tours will help you understand the culture without missing out what the city has to offer.


  1. Leading with the mission: Hop’N Go Tours is an all inclusive, family friendly, hop on hop off sightseeing tour/ experience that blends all of Atlanta’s elements together in a span of 2-4 hour tours. From unique street art, historical Atlanta landmarks,  celebrity attractions, hidden gems to local museums, and more, this tour is a great combination of everything you didn’t know you needed.


2.  When you purchase a ticket for this sightseeing tour, you are guided around Atlanta with an expert local tour guide that knows the city.


There will be many sights and museums that are not easily accessible when you type in “Things to go in Atlanta”  on google. Although Google may be the #1 search engine in the world, google has a tendency to bring about a lot of corporate entities and popular sights but leaves out local entities  and undiscovered gems that this city is known for. So with Hop’N Go Tours, you are guided around Atlanta’s unique city while actually being able to get off and on their bus to see the sights you have dreamed about for years.


3.    Let’s talk about the Madame CJ Walker’s Museum that you cannot access on a regular day. This historic museum is definitely one to visit while you are here in Atlanta. But I would tell you in advance, that the owner of this museum, show’s up on his time. You cannot access this on a regular Tuesday or Saturday (lol). You have to actually know him to be apart of this uniques experience that he has going on there.


So weather your a music head, you enjoy unique artifacts from around the world, love musical trivia, and or just want to know about the legacy of Madame Cj Walker, this place is the best thing poppin. Oh and do I mention, it is only $5 dollars to enter.. This historic museum is filled with original artifacts, classic vinyl records, the original hot combs that were left by the beauticians from the 1900’s, and blunt signages that say “whites only” and “coloreds only” wash chair stations. It is really an all inclusive experience that the owner creates for all guests to enjoy. But being that he only shows up when he wants to, it is best to book a tour with Hop’N Go Tours because it is a shoe in to getting the full experience of this place.


4. The hop on hop off feature is really the best ! I say the best way to see the city is to be able to touch and feel history that breed what the culture is all about. And there is no other way to explore the city if you can’t hop off in the middle or on the side of road, just to hop out and take a picture of that dope location. So if your looking for an adventure that’s thrill seeking but safe, this is the tour for you! But not only that, if you’re a traveler like myself, I don’t feel the need to stay at a place for longer than 5 minutes if there is nothing else going. Some NOT all attractions do I feel like this but I like to see, hear, touch, take a photo and move on.


5. Its just a whole vibe! Check this link out and book your tour today! It’s a family friendly event, all ages, color, backgrounds, class, and more are welcomed. Great for family reunions, solo adventures, girls and guys trips, history excursions, and more.