Things to do in Atlanta are endless. Trust us, we know! We have been in Atlanta for over a decade.

     When it comes to Hotlanta (which is a term you will never hear a local a.k.a a ‘Grady Baby’) say concluding the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games is and has become a cavalcade of culture, cuisine, entrepreneurship, and entertainment. The A-Town is also a natural beauty woven into an urban landscape, swathed in forests but not without mystical hidden historical gems that only a die hard fan of the culture can preserve over time.

But how do you insert yourself the right way into a community so diverse? How do you get the most out of your trip when you’re staying in Alpharetta Ga. but your favorite restaurant that you bookmarked on tiktok is downtown Edgewood Ave?  Well the best way to experience it all in my opinion is take a 3 hour day tour with Hop’N Go tours. With more than 80 historic and new locations covered, a local guide, celebrity attractions, unique street art, local hang out spots and restaurants you’ll slap your mama over , there is something that is undeniably gratifying that you would have to see it for yourself to believe.

The Unmissable in Atlanta

Here is why Hop’N Go Tours is our first tour company to experience.

Take a viral, customizable hop-on and hop-off tour with a local guide that knows both the tourist side of Atl and the local side. One of the best things when discovering the history of a new city is to grasp the local aspect so that your memories, best or worst, can  match up to what you see directly in front of you.

Not only that, but the city brims with attractions, exhaustive even for a month-long vacation. And yet you miss off-the-beaten and go home with plain vanilla.  With Hop’N Go tours, they change all that. Instead of yawn-inducing, cramp-causing bus tours, they offer private,  group, and solo tours that have the option of  two hour or three hour experiences. With each experience, they allow you to hop on and off the bus and the landmarks of your choice. Not a lot of tour companies do that. 

Hmmmm, so what else is can you experience from this unique bus tour???

Explore the Food Scene in Atlanta

Atlanta’s culinary scene is a web of flavors! Broken away from its Southern meat-and-three stereotypes, it now serves everything from delicious soul food to high-end top-chef all around the world. With options galore, most find themselves in a pickle over what to eat and from where. And let’s not talk about the traffic that will prevent you from going and doing what you set out to do pre-arrival. But that’s another subject.  But with Hop’N Go Tours, they really simplify your travel itinerary and ease the stresses of hashtag hunting, traffic, and safety concerns. And here’s why!  With their different tour selections from 2 hour to 3 hour tours, you will be able to explore Metro Atlanta in its entirety. Exploring Skyview Atlanta, the CNN Center, the original Braves Stadium and a whole lot more. Be able to hop on and off at different stops just to take your photos and videos so that you won’t leave empty handed.  Go shopping, have a drink, & hangout at the iconic Ponce City Market, where you are truly immersed in the culture of Atlanta. 

Go Museum-Hopping

You will find museums abound in Atlanta – over 40 of them. Some are about arts, science, history, and politics, others are offbeat and outright weird. But with Hpp’N Go Tours, they explore a fun and hidden side of Atlanta that cannot be easily researched or found on google platforms. Places such as Patchwerk Studios where the greats have all recorded their  hit albums at. Rapper T.I., the late Whitney Houston, Outkast, Nipsey Hussle, 2Chainz and more. This 15 minute destination will have you in awe of the different history that you will see there.

        And even the Madame CJ Walker’s Museum (that is by appt only). That hidden gem is unique in itself because it is an original Madame CJ Walker Hair Saloon from the 1900’s. Not only that but there is a  pop quiz you must take to show off your musical skills, so before you go I hope you sharpened up your musical trivia because you’re going to need it.

Spot the Celebrities

ATL brims with movie, TV & Reality stars that you are bound to see on any given day in the city. But the question is, where are all those landmarks and picture worthy sets that film some of their most iconic scenes at? Well being with Hop’N Go Tours, they take you down various streets in Atlanta where sets like Being Mary Jane were filmed at (which was also where the iconic ‘Gone with the Wind’ movie premiered that was  held on December 15, 1939 at the Loews Grand Theater). 

     Not only that but celebrity culture is woven into everyday regular  life, so riding down Edgewood Ave to see celebrities & their business such as artist and activist formerly of the rap group ‘Run the Jewel’s  Killer Mike’s Swagg Shop downtown Edgewood Ave is supernormal.  Cool right ?? Well let’s continue.

Visit Local Hang Outs like Ponce City Market

If it’s one thing that a local knows it is where to get great  food at, at an affordable rate. Without having to wait in line and it be again a major film set that you may or may not want to be a part of. But with this particular marketplace, it allows you to go at it at your own pace in semi peace and quiet. Ponce is a culturally inclusive retail space that entertains over 50 local shops that include Nike, The Village Retail Store, Sugarboo & Co., Rye 51, & Elk Head Clothing. Not only is the shopping endless, but you can grab a bite to eat there which includes, Mediterranean, America, BBQ, Vegan (BarVegan), ice cream shops, Indian cuisines and more. So with Hop’N Go Tours, when you purchase your 3 hour tour package, it comes inclusive of a  one hour lunch feature that you can explore the marketplace at your own pace. And can you believe the majority of these stores are all locally owned by residents in the community? Amazing …  

Discover Atlanta Through its Graffiti Art

It’s hard to think of Atlanta without its vivid murals, covering everything from high walls and crosswalks to high rises and underpasses. This aspect of A-Town’s city scene paints various neighborhoods in a gamut of colors. With  Hop’N Go Tours, they allow you to hop off the bus at the historic Edgewood Ave District to experience the “We Are The People” mural that was created by Charmaine MinnieField. An African American artist and activist who is the Founder of the New Freedom’s Project, to the Stacy Abrams Mural on Auburn Ave and even the Outkast Mural mural that sits hidden away from tourist traffic down at little 5 points. Our local guides narrate the story and idea behind each visual painted, making your scenic art tour not just knowledgeable but also profound.

Hop’N Go Tours in Atlanta Sets the Bar High and Exceeds the average travel itinerary

Don’t believe us? Listen to the Internet. Being all-inclusive and affordable is bare minimum. Hop’N Go Tours go beyond that.

  • We are family-friendly and fun for all cultures. We dance, sing, drink, and make a memorable experience out of sightseeing ‘N Atlanta.
  • We take you places without making it a tiresome struggle. Tight on schedule? Give us 3 hours and we promise to show you around, including historical landmarks, local street art, hidden local gems, restaurants, and museums.
  • Tours are mainly intimate experiences where you can roam about their very spacious 14 passenger bus at your own leisure. Roam from seat to seat and take pictures from their comfy tour bus. Be able to  ask questions to the guide without judgment or interruption and be at ease knowing this experience is personalized for each guest. 
  • We hate when touring the city feels like work just as much as you do. Our Hop-on Hop-off feature allows you to get off the travel wagon and explore sights at a fast pace. So just in case you have other things to do they quickly navigate each landmark quickly but absorbing each every moment in history allows you to give thanks to your ancestors. 
  • Our Tours & experiences are customizable. So that means are you celebrating a birthday? Have a girls trip planned? Getting together for a reunion and want Hop’N Go Tours to host it? Well it should be no question by now that Hop’N Go Tours should be your first pick when considering celebrating a special event.

 Tours are emotionally immersive, if I can say the least. With Hop’N Go Tours, you celebrate the Southern culture, make long lasting connections with the locals, enjoy untold history stories from generations before you, fall in love with traveling, and discover a new way of seeing the local side of the city.